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Community Relationships

Since its creation, ZOFRI S.A. has developed different initiatives to support the economic, social and environmental development of the communities in the regions of operation.

Besides being the best partner in the area, one of the main development hubs in northern Chile and a commercial bridge to international markets, ZOFRI S.A. is also a strong support for the progress of the communities where it operates.

Support in terms of sports, security, tourism, environmental care and the permanent collaboration with different institutions are part of the wide job of this duty free zone, always present and consistent with the great transformations it has achieved, in favor of northern Chile and its people. The evidence of this is the contribution made by the Corporation every year to all the municipalities in the regions of Arica-Parinacota and Tarapacá, providing 15% of its gross income for the execution of improvement works.

These are value-adding initiatives. Thus, thanks to the responsible link created with its environment, ZOFRI S.A. currently has a relevant role in the social progress of the surrounding communities.

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