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As part of our management, we have also established a list of the main stakeholders for the company and the business, and we have developed programs and/or communication channels with each of them.

Gr​oup TypeStakeholderProgram and/or relationship channel
  • Majority Shareholder
  • Minority Shareholder
  • Board of Shareholders.

  • Meeting with SEP executives.

  • Unit in charge of shareholder service.
  • Wholesale Users
  • Retail Users
  • Association of Users
  • "Open door" policy of the administration with the associations of users

  • Information e-mails.

  • Meetings with marketing area to develop ZOFRI Mall Marketing Plan.

  • Más ZOFRI magazine.
ZOFRI S.A. workers
  • ZOFRI S.A. workers
  • Labor Unions
  • "Open door" policy of the administration with ZOFRI S.A. labor unions.

  • Extended meetings of the general Manager with all workers.

  • El Franco magazine, news board and Intranet.
  • National Authorities
  • Regional Authorities
  • Local Authorities
  • International Authorities
  • Meetings with authorities.

  • Participation in public-private work groups (e.g. Load Builders work group) led by Labor Regional Secretary of Tarapacá and coordination work groups (e.g. with Customs).

  • Feedback process on the use of the resources submitted to the districts (15% of gross income).

  • Coordination of visits to Duty Free Zone premises.

  • System media campaigns and promotion to attract foreign investment.
System workers
  • Shippers
  • Load Builders
  • Users' workers
  • "Open door" policy of the administration with the labor unions of users' workers.

  • "Open door" policy of the administration with the load builder labor union.
Contractors and suppliers
  • Critical suppliers
  • Non-critical suppliers
  • Risk prevention meetings.

  • Verify compliance of own and user contractor companies with construction regulation in Walled Premises.  
Neighboring communities
  • Facility neighbors
  • Neighbor Councils
  • Work group with District Board of Neighbor Councils in Northern Iquique Area.

  • Support for sports activities in the district.
Trade Associations
  • National business and trade associations
  • International business and trade associations
  • We are members of different business and trade associations, participating in meetings, work groups and seminars.  
Final customers
  • Wholesale final customers
  • Retail final customers
  • Social media (Facebook ZOFRI Oficial and Mall ZOFRI; Twitter @ZofriOficial and @MallZofri).

  • Whistleblower Channel.

  • Registry of Complaints.
  • Mass Media
  • Press conferences and releases in case of particular situations.
Critical logistics actors
  • EPI
  • ITI
  • Customs
  • Association of Truck Drivers
  • Meetings in specific situations.

  • Communication and coordination in the control and inspection to prevent smuggling and asset laundering.

  • Logistics meeting.

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