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The Values are the guideline and base of our culture, as well as how ZOFRI S.A. expects its directors, officers and workers to manage the business.

The business depends on the Company's reputation, as well as the experience and application of the organization's Values in all decisions and processes related to our internal and external customers. Thus, many times the policies and standards derived from our Values go further the legal requirements.

We expect from all directors, officers and workers to be permanently committed to the organization's Values, and it is their personal responsibility to know, understand, communicate and meet these Values.

The experience of these Values means behaving according to them in all business activities conducted, as well as in the relationship with supervisors, peers, subordinates, customers, suppliers, contractors and any other person.

The core values are the following:
• For ethnic, cultural, religious, genre, and opinion diversity.
• For the environment.
USER / Customer 
• User- and customer-oriented.
• Friendly and diligent attitude towards Users and Customers.
• Team Work and Personal Development.
• Discipline and responsibility at work.
• Achievement of our commitments.
• Seek excellence and quality.
• Business and relationship ethics.
• Creativity and innovation.
• Personal and facility security.​

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