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 Competitive advantages


More than four decades ago, in a warehouse rented in Patricio Lynch Street, in the city of Iquique, the first duty free zone in the country started operations. After some time, it moved to El Colorado neighborhood, a vast sandy area in the city suburbs.

After 42 years from such emerging start, no one imagined the revolutionary changes and the new times it would bring to the city of Iquique. 42 years of history, with deep transformations, not far from difficult times, launches, consolidations, and success. It was hard to imagine that such sandy area would give rise to a great Industrial Neighborhood, the Walled Premises warehouses, the public storehouses, administrative offices, and the product exhibition and sale outlet, currently known as ZOFRI Mall. ZOFRI became Iquique's best partner in time, the main engine for the regional economy, an invaluable source of employment, and a world of opportunities for the development of business, tourism, transport, industry and telecommunications. It also became the benefactor of the municipalities in the regions of Tarapacá and Arica Parinacota, and a social development booster in each district.

Four decades ago, Iquique as it is today was inconceivable, a thriving, growing and unstoppable city. ZOFRI, the main base for regional economy; the transforming power of the city in one of the most relevant business centers in the continent; commercial bridge and connection hub between Asian and South American markets.​


• Main business and distribution center for domestic and international goods, with international recognition.  

• Privileged geographic position to access over 30 million potential customers.  

• Clear connection roads with multiple buying markets.

• Great business opportunity comprised of over 2000 companies.

• 42-year experience providing an integral foreign trade service.

• Tax and customs benefits.

• Unlimited stay of goods free from duties, tariffs and taxes.

• Showcase to access neighboring country markets such as Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Argentina, and Brazil.


The duty free zone customs regime establishes the wholesale and retail sale modes. For wholesales, these are executed in the warehouse, and retail sales are conducted in sales and exhibition showrooms specially designed for these purposes.​



  • Designed for the storage of goods (15,000 square meters).
  • Vehicle Yard:
  • Outdoor areas to store vehicles and heavy equipment (33,200 square meters)​​​


It comprises warehouses located both in the walled premises and in the Industrial Neighborhood, intended for the storage and exhibition of different goods. The warehouses located in the walled premises have a surface of 365 m2, three floors, showrooms, offices, storage premises, forklifts, and toilet​s. At the same time, the warehouses located in the industrial neighborhood have a surface of 600 m2, one level open plan.  

​Walled Premises: It is an area for wholesale trade strategically located because of its proximity and simple access to the Port. Over 500 companies operate in this area, importing and exporting goods, mainly coming from Asia, to neighboring countries such as Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Ecuador, among others.

​Open Premises – Industrial Neighborhood: Trading (wholesale and retail) and industrial activities take place in this area. It has all the necessary conditions for companies which objective is to produce, store, trade, and distribute products in ZOFRI potential market.


Exhibition and retail building for the sale of goods.


This commercial area has 40 showrooms and a service area for the sale of vehicle spare parts and accessories and trading of different products and service companies. The showrooms have a surface of 66 m2 in two levels with an exhibition and sale area, offices, and storage facilities.

Financial Area:

The main banks are located at Iquique Duty Free Zone. They are located on the first floor in the Convention Building.

Service Area:

It is a building with 16 stores for service-rendering companies such as communications, customs proceedings, money exchange, mail, and warrants, among others.

Convention Building:

It has a convention meeting room for 400 people and 4 additional rooms for 50 people each. Iquique Duty Free Zone (ZOFRI S.A.) Administration also operates in this building.


Located in the city of Arica, with an approximate surface of 130 hectares, this park is intended for the development of industrial activities only. It is characterized by its proximity to the border with neighboring countries such as Bolivia and Peru.


ZOFRI S.A. has 128.7 hectares in Alto Hospicio, available for the development of new real estate projects such as the creation of a duty free industrial park. The project would have an approximate extension of 30 hectares.




• The tax regime benefits people and companies operating in the Duty Free Zone, as well as the Administrative Corporation, and considers the following benefits:

• First Category Tax payment exemption.

• Value Added Tax (VAT) payment exemption for the operations executed under the Duty Free Zone regime.

• Value Added Tax (VAT) payment exemption for the services rendered between users inside the Duty Free Zone premises.

• Credit equivalent to 50% of the first category tax rate (income) for the Global Complementary and additional tax (valid since January 2017).



As long as the goods remain in the Duty Free Zone they are considered as abroad and therefore, they are not subject to the payment of tariffs, taxes, rates and other liens affecting the imports of goods under the country's foreign trade general regime.  

From the Duty Free Zone, the goods can be sold to the Extension Duty Free Zone, comprised of the First and Fifteenth region territory, to the rest of the country, abroad, to Punta Arenas Duty Free Zone and its extension zones, besides to other users, within Iquique Duty Free Zone. However, depending on the case, the goods are subject to some tariffs and taxes, as observed in the following table:

Customs Duties and Taxes Paid in Chile for Goods Sold in ZOFRI according to Destination 

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