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 Mall Zofri


The Iquique Free Trade Zone is known in Chile and abroad for its Mall. Its variety of products and brands make it very attractive, both for investors and retailers, as well as for the thousands of consumers who visit it day by day. The purchases made in the mall by residents of the Tarapacá Region of Chile (where Iquique is their capital) are exempt from the payment of duties and taxes. Meanwile, the purchases made by tourists are also beneficiaries of these tax exemptions up to the limit of US $ 1,375 per person, with the exception that the products purchased are not intended for trade and are part of traveler's luggage.

Mall Zofri offers a complete infrastructure to make shopping a unique experience, with a plaza of food, cafes, call centers and internet, exchange offices, banks, mail, rest areas and parking lots. It also has an exclusive area for the sale of spare parts and accessories for vehicles (known as Zofripart).


The new ZOFRI franchise, allows you to buy up to US $ 1375 per person, without paying VAT and without paying customs duties.

Only items for personal use or gifts that are not commercial. 

The franchise applies for people over 18 years.

It is personal and not cumulative.​

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