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 Wholesale Business Center


This business unit has the necessary infrastructure for companies operating under the duty free zone regime which objective is to store, commercialize and distribute their products to Zofri markets. It is the most important place for the wholesale commercial activity in Iquique Duty Free Zone.

It is a physical area of over 30 hectares where the wholesale activity takes place. It is intended for renting pieces of land for the construction of warehouses of about 500 m2, with their corresponding showrooms. These pieces of land have surfaces from 500 m2 to 1000 m2.

The premises are comprised of Walled Premises I and Walled Premises II, connected by an underpass.
Main services provided:

  • Wide variety of services offering an incomparable opportunity for installed companies.
  • Services (Food Garden – Toilets – Cleaning – Security).
  • People and vehicle Access Control System for enhanced control and security.
  • Street lighting.
  • Paved avenues and streets.
  • Sewage and drinking water system.
  • Telephone network.
  • High, medium and low voltage.
  • On line services.​



The Industrial Neighborhood is an area where companies perform industrial and commercial activities (wholesalers and retailers). This area has the necessary infrastructure for the installation of companies which objective is to produce, store, commercialize and distribute their products in the duty free zone markets.

Iquique Duty Free Zone Industrial Neighborhood has 56 hectares in use. One of the characteristics of this area is that it allows the set-up of companies requiring land surfaces over 500 square meters.

Main services provided:

​The services and the consolidated commercial and industrial activity provide the companies with a relevant development opportunity. The main services are: cleaning, clean streets, paved avenues and streets, sewage and drinking water service, telephone network, high, medium and low voltage, and online services.

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TEL +56 57 251 5100




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